Packaging Improvements

Upgrades, changes and modifications to existing packaging to deliver cost savings, better protection in transit, reduced environmental impact and enhanced consumer appeal.

Packaging Improvements

Reducing costs without undermining quality is paramount. Often rapid moving advances in materials and technology create opportunities to enhance margin.  These changes can also frequently lead to improvements in the product’s visual appeal and usability.

Cost Saving & Sourcing

Sourcing will cover a variety of pack types to meet different formats and projects. We can recommend strategic sourcing for business involving materials, ordering processes and type of suppliers.  We can support and substantiate RFIs and RFQs and manage changes such as phasing out old suppliers.

Frequently changes in sourcing are concerned with reducing costs or reducing complexity and we can work project by project across a business on all aspects of reformatting, redesigning and negotiation.

Taking a holistic approach to improving margins and driving cost savings, we ensure that quality is not reduced by taking costs out.  We will find the best supplier in the right location to deliver the correct specification at the required quality and quantity levels.

We can also source off-the-shelf packaging solutions for clients with smaller volumes and budgets.

Problem Solving

A range of issues regularly emerge that require problem solving capabilities including the need to reduce damage and deal with product recalls.  We provide solutions for both major problems and minor glitches.

We also seek efficiency improvements in your packaging, whether supply chain, procurement or market driven, to deliver optimised solutions.

We can deliver any project via interim Management, individual projects, consultancy and advice or on a retained services basis or a combination of these.