Packaging Development Process

The key to the consistent success of AVA packaging solutions, whether dealing with new packaging developments or existing packaging improvements, is a defined and structured packaging development process.

Packaging Development Process

AVA packaging solutions pushes the boundaries of available packaging technologies but we ensure our designs are feasible and cost effective. We work closely with our clients from initial brainstorming through to launch to make your packaging visions a reality.

It is vitally important for us to be involved early in the development process to define direction and offer early guidance to start the project on the right track and avoid reworking, compromise, delay and extra costs. We focus on reducing time to market to you benefit from capturing earlier sales with reduced project risk. We can handle all technical, aesthetic, commercial, eco and project management elements for you.

Whether introducing a packaging innovation or improving and upgrading existing packaging, a similar fundamental development process is followed to bring the finished solution to market. Our experience ensures this process is as streamlined wherever possible and tailored to each application whilst conducting each stage thoroughly to ensure robustness, swift delivery and delivery within your budget.


We help you devise winning packaging strategies for your products, brands and business encompassing your unique circumstances, current requirements and future objectives.  We can then help you deliver them.


A great concept is the basis of great packaging. We can help you to develop a winning concept and hone this to perfection. We have a number of techniques to help us do this.


Design agencies may have a grasp of visual impact, colour and branding but frequently fail on the practicalities of producing recommendations that are structurally sound, cost-effective, viable for manufacture and fit for purpose.

Because we know what we’re doing, including understanding materials, manufacture and conversion plus filling, distribution and routes to market we design packaging that pushes the boundaries but is achievable and deliverable.

By using advanced CAD and 3D visualisation and rendering techniques your packaging designs can be quickly created, fine tuned and perfected.  

With years of design for manufacture experience working with clients from global consumer brands to specialist enterprises, we can develop strong iconic 3-dimensional designs reflecting corporate branding and design cues.  We are equally effective when we produce designs ourselves or when collaborating with in-house design teams or client design agencies.


Our experienced experts will produce mock-ups and prototypes for all types of packaging requirements.  From ‘rough and ready’ to get initial ideas across, through to the highest quality, accurate, finished prototypes, we can recommend and deliver the ideal solution according to your project need.  

Prototypes can assess consumer acceptance, feasibility, handling and costs or be used for pack photography and sales samples ahead of real packs.   

Using prototypes speeds your development whilst minimising project cost and risk.


We will evaluate and refine every aspect of your packaging design to ensure that it is able to be manufactured, filled and delivered cost effectively to market whilst achieving every requirement.

Testing, Trials & Market Research

Before committing your time and money to tooling and production, we manage all aspects of product testing and market research required to determine the packaging’s suitability for going into production and market.

We will define the pack’s technical, functional performance, aesthetic, quality and cost requirements and place measures and limits on these to ensure no nasty surprises or compromise.


AVA packaging solutions will direct all the development stages from an initial design through to a pack ready for manufacture.

At the end of the development phase we will have ensured that the packaging to be launched meets all objectives for functionality, quality and cost considerations.

Specifications & Documentation

Defining the pack’s technical, functional, aesthetic, performance, quality and cost requirements and placing measures and limits on these ensuring no compromise.  We can create all packaging documentation.


We will identify the best suppliers for you, considering the specification, volumes, price, quality and your other needs, and put you in direct contact with them.  We can facilitate all project communications and interfaces as well as design discussions and manufacturing and filling trials.

Project Management

AVA can orchestrate and manage the entire project to ensure the right process is followed.  We can coordinate the process, resources, skills; budget and time to ensure the right resources and skills are deployed at the right stages for your project to be delivered successfully, swiftly and efficiently from concept to market.  We can form a central point of communications to provide a ‘one stop shop’ if desired.