Packaging Change

The ever changing and fast moving world of consumer packaging often necessitates a radical overhaul of styles, materials, processes and operational structures.

Packaging Change

At AVA packaging solutions, we understand materials and manufactured processes to convert them into packaging, filling and packing lines, distribution and logistics, testing, design & development, performance requirements, specifications and testing.

We have many years of blue chip packaging expertise within the food (ambient/chilled/frozen), healthcare & pharmaceutical, toiletries, cosmetics, automotive, electrical, hardware, household textile and other industries, working on a wide range of exciting projects in both the retail and manufacturing environments.

Packaging is subject to continual change, adapting to consumer and market demands, new products, innovation in materials and design, changing regulations, supply chain requirements and financial pressures.  The management of change includes redesign for relaunch, upgrades, problem solving, product recalls and reducing costs without compromising quality.  This can involve structural evolution in packaging departments and their interaction with internal company operations and external stakeholders.

AVA packaging solutions has a long and successful record in consultation and support of packaging teams as well as managing physical packaging processes.  Ideally, we are called in at the early stages of a project, since our project management and packaging expertise allows us to predict and prevent obstacles to smooth transitions and to optimise implementation.


AVA packaging solutions can be totally flexible with the people management services we offer.

  • We can provide support on standalone projects, in the long-term running of the packaging function or in setting up your packaging operation.
  • We can build tailor made packaging departments from scratch or support improvements in existing operations, frequently required to meet changes in materials, formats, processes or supply chain arrangements.
  • We can set up an AVA packaging solutions team to deliver a whole project or process or work with you as an extension of your team.

Our consultancy services are entirely dependent on the individual requirements of the client, their business and the project concerned.

Long experience in the packaging business has gained us a network of skilled and trusted AVA Associates with strong capabilities and excellent reputations in all aspects of packaging project, process and people management.  We cherry pick team members, calling them to action only when their specialist input is required, so costs and time are stringently controlled.

AVA packaging solutions' skills in transformation and change management can create the procedures for packaging departments to become best in class.  These can include:

  • Reinforcing skills and capabilities
  • Defining job descriptions
  • Creating PDPs
  • Managing strategic supplier networks
  • Responding to RFIs and RFQs
  • Setting up reporting structures
  • Building relationships with external stakeholders such as research bodies, testing houses and academia
  • Identifying routes to market

At all times, Alison Vincent will be in overall charge of directing project teams and will be involved in a hands-on basis when required.


AVA packaing solutions has the capabilities to work on each and every type of packaging from idea to shelf. We use our expertise to improve efficiencies in all areas from procurement to marketing; dealing with economies of scale, optimising workflows and managing time reductions to increase speed to market.

Working project by project or across the whole packaging remit, we can introduce leading edge rapid development technologies and recommend solutions for tooling, manufacturing, filling and security of supply. Reducing costs and complexity are frequently the key objectives in packaging process improvements and we ensure that these aims are achieved while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Structural packaging is a core capability of AVA packaging solutions and we have experience in working with all types of packaging material and pack format. We both meet and exceed targets relating to design, feasibility, production, consumer acceptance, performance, regulatory criteria and environmental aims.

From our extensive knowledge and contact network we can carry out strategic sourcing for all pack types and manage suppliers to meet all quality, specification and client requirements.

Our range of Associates has proven expertise in numerous packaging skills, technologies and materials, including:

  • 3D CAD Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Mouldings, glass, metals, blisters, bottles and closures
  • Cardboard Engineering
  • Mock-up production
  • Prototyping plans
  • Market research programmes
  • Printing, decorating and labelling

Invariably materials reduction is a key consideration in specifications. AVA ensures that customers reap the double benefit of cutting costs while meeting ecological demands for reducing raw materials consumption and minimising potential waste at a product’s end of use.

We can deliver any project via interim Management, individual projects, consultancy and advice or on a retained services basis or a combination of these.