Packaging Development
A Case Study

How AVA developed new packaging for Sara Lee including the matey bottle that is still in use today.

Sara Lee - Packaging Development

AVA introduced numerous packaging developments on European and global projects for toiletries and household products including Radox, Kiwi, Sanex, matey, Badedas, Vapona and Ambi Pur.  

AVA also restructured the packaging departments within Sara Lee to enhance delivery of the business needs.

AVA was responsible for the development of a new Matey bottle and closure for children’s bubble bath characters.

  • Bottle and closure to be fun with enhanced aesthetics and play value.
  • Packaging to allow multiple characters from a single set of tooling.
  • Bottle to deliver against tight cost constraints.
  • Alison managed the development of fun packaging for children.
  • Delivered very tight cost constraints.
  • Multiple characters delivered through tightly positionally aligned 360 degree sleeving of profiled bottles.

The bottle that AVA developed and launched is still in the market after many years.