Label Development
A Case Study

How AVA packaging solutions developed Reel Fed Plastic Labels for Coca-Cola & Schweppes Beverages.

Coca-Cola and Schweppes - Label Development

Paper labels on drinks bottles had been laden with problems for many years; prone to mould, these labels had to be treated with mould inhibitors and anti fungicides which greatly inflated their cost.  Lacking structural integrity and flexibility, paper labels were susceptible to getting torn between bottling and their final placement on the shelves of stores.

We developed Reel Fed Plastic Labels which was cutting edge technology at the time and is now the standard label format across the entire soft drinks industry. The project included developing the technology and materials, specifications, artwork guides and online cutting requirements, plus input into the development of two types of labelling machines.

We led the packaging development function as part of a new team comprising packaging development specialists, technical line construction engineers, packaging raw material suppliers (labels and adhesives), packaging converters and two labelling machine suppliers.

The new technology achieved:

  • Reduced packaging and labour costs
  • Increased line efficiencies and production output
  • Reduced incidence of product recalls and stock returns
  • Enhanced decoration and finish